Coaching & Counseling for Individuals

I offer the following services:

Life Success Coaching
The power to move forward and capture the essence and glory of your life is within you right now! Through quiet introspection and a clear intention to change, no matter what your current life situation may be, you can discover your life purpose and fulfill all your dreams and desires.

As a life success coach, I help you recognize where you are and where you want to go. Together we develop a healthy strategy to implement changes to empower your being and enlighten your soul. My job is to gently, but sternly guide as you walk the path of change and self-realization. No matter what your goal, with intention, courage and an iron will, we will move you closer to the fulfillment of your dreams.

If you are ready to embark on an incredible, life-changing journey; if you are ready to awaken your powerful, dynamic inner self; if you are tired of existing and are ready to Live life to the fullest… Then the time for change is now! Open your heart and mind to amazing possibilities and the realization of all your dreams and desires. it will be my privilege and honor to assist you along you new path in life.

Sometimes issues can be deeper than just life coaching can address.  Mental illnesses can hurt deeply and cause significant distress and impairment in life.  I offer evidenced-based psychotherapy to address psychological issues, substance addictions, and also co-occurring mental illness and substance addictions.  Whether you are struggling with depression, anxiety, PTSD, addictions, difficult life circumstances or transitions, we will work together to create a plan that works for you, given your specific situation and needs that will help you regain your since of well-being.